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testimonials - agents/venues

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testimonials - recent concert - Duke of York's Cinema, March 2017

"Dream-like footage and superb playing… an extremly moving mediation on music, cinema and art" (Director, Duke of York's cinema, Brighton

"Every wonderful piece of music picked up exactly every short film's uniqueness - absolutely loved it - so personal & fantastic creativity - thank you for an amazing unexpected experience!!" (F Aoidh) 

"Really special! Loved it!"  (T Perryman) 

"Was superb!" (L Montague)

"it was a joy!" (S Pankhurst)

"Fantastic show...spellbinding"  (J Chater)

"Well done you uber talented lady and quartet" (S Dawson)

"Thanks a spent a wonderful evening"  (J Wuttke)

"Thank you so much for a fantastic evening- enjoyed every minute!"  (L Tunmer)

"My Daughter (17, plays piano and cello) loved the performance tonight! Great work" (D McDonald)

"A lovely way to spend International Women's Day" (G Hudyk)

"A surrealistic interpretation of modern life's chaotic speed and action and noise" (Morgan)

"Really beautiful compositions"  (Tim Wilton)


testimonials - concerts

"You don't know how perfect your music is x" (Gaby K)

"I went to see Einaudi recently, his music is so beautiful I could cry. This is the female equivalent." (Amber, Comments Book)

"We absolutely loved it last night! During the show, we were taken away from this world and into a world of wonderful sounds and images from which we didn't want to come back. Thank you so much!" (Diego B.)

"Wonderful show Penny Loosemore!!! smile emoticon you were all amazing"  (Joanna S,)

"Many congratulations on a great show ! I loved your compositions, the new violinist was impressive and the movies really added to the whole experience. Next year I hope to be watching the Quartet perform in the Dome – you were much better than what I watched there earlier in the evening!" (Richard B.)

"Tremendous show! Definitely going to keep an eye out for these talented musicians!" X (Emily J.)

"It was a beautiful musical journey . Can't wait for more. Thank you" (Wojtek K.)

"Brilliant!" (Sara P.)

"I am a big lover of all sorts of music. This is beautiful" (comments book, anon)

"Lovely music. Saw you at the Music Room of the Royal Pavilion, and wanted to see you again. Beautiful melodies." (Comments Book, anon)

"Fab show" (Peter S.)

"What a fantastic performance. I was filled with joy listening and watching the amazing Brighton film quartet. I loved the hypnotic Starlings. The music was such high quality at a great venue. Onwards and upwards Ladies😃🎊🎉🎆 ..." (Katie B.)

"Beautiful music and hypnotic visuals in a great venue- really enjoyable" (Conrad H.)

"Just wanted to say again how wonderful the Soundscape show was. The music was so emotional and beautiful at times I felt quite teary... Well done! The whole show was an incredible achievement!" (Phil r.)

"Congratulations you four wonder women" (Steve G.)

testimonials - accoustic concerts

"I thought it was the most beautiful music I have ever heard!!! I am an aspiring cellist and pianist and found it most inspirational to continue learning! Looking forward to the next concert!" (K Shove)

"Brilliant gig last was just one beautiful lush cinematic composition after another... both myself nJack Hooker welled up!...thank u! ;)" (M Eeles)

"What a gig!! Loved it. Left me feeling happy, thoughtful & tingly. Thank you very much x" (P Veale, festival promoter)

"I just have to say that was an amazing night and ALL four of you are incredible. A big well done" (D Carpenter)

"Beautiful compositions... the next female Einaudi..." (N Labrooy)
"Emotive, passionate, dramatic and powerful performance" (K. Kavanagh)
"Some enchanting evening" (T Bratley)
"Looking forward again to a brilliant night!" (S Pankhurst)
"Your group needs some ugly people. I am available!" (J Smart)
"A wonderful performance last night" (J Carey)
"A beautiful evening of outstanding music. If you've not heard Brighton Film Quartet yet, do so!" (J Rowkins)


"We love the quartet & we've seen you before & you are outstanding & we will see u many more times to come I know" L Greader

"Loved the magic of your music... Thank you" (T Apostolov)

"An absolutely stunning evening" (A Jensen)

"Came across u on YouTube ... Fan-bloody-tastic!" (M Cundick)

"The music was out of this world. But I couldn't stay long.Please tell me when are going to be at the grand again? I live in Tunbridge wells, but I will come especially to see you."

“i don’t usually like classical music, but i absolutely loved this!”

“it was so relaxing and moving... i didn’t know whether to cry or fall asleep” 

"This is going to be fabulous. The genius behind this quartet is the talented Penny Loosemore, Angel, Babe and Goddess Supreme. She and her quartet will stir your soul with their outstanding music. I've heard them many times and absolutely love their music. This is an event not to be missed! See you there." (J Rowkins, on Facebook)

"We saw you and your friends at the brighton church during the launch of your first album during mid dec 2014 and we were blown away."   (Graham Davis)

"I loved the show - really get the whole cinematic score thing."  (Sam Harrington-Lowe)

"So enjoyed the concert last night in the Speigeltent and am loving the CD - thank you! Look forward to hearing about other gigs" (Liz Tunmer) 

For concert information, please see our events page.


testimonials - for the album

"Stunning!" (M Holman)

"Love it! Beautiful xxxx" (D Yeoman)

"WOW! - beautiful piece of music!" (P de Souza)

"Wunderbar*** wonderful***formidable" (M Larcher-Walser)

"really lovely, very calming - good for relaxing, very Sunday morning. xx" (J Tindall)

"Enjoying listening to your CD on the sofa with a cup of tea and a piece of cake on our new Denon hifi...Lovin it :-)" K Kavanagh

"Made me really teary" (P Reeve on Freefall track)

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